Anne Novak

(434) 422-2665

1207 Burchs Creek Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22903


Address:  1207 Burchs Creek Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22903

DIRECTIONS from Charlottesville using Route 250:

1. Take Rte 250 WEST towards Crozet and Staunton.

2. You will pass Harris Teeter Shopping Center on your left.  Keep going.

3. You will pass the entrances to I-64 East and West.

4. You will see The Greenwood Gourmet Grocery Store on your left, then a small fruit stand/country store.  Take a LEFT onto Burchs Creek Road, just past the fruit stand/country store.

5. The road will morph from paved to gravel; just slow down a bit and keep coming.  You will reach a crossroads with another gravel road (Dick Woods Road), keep going straight, and don’t worry about the “Caution: Open Ford” sign—our house is before the ford!

6. Turn left into the drive just after the Sunnybank sign, mailbox 1207.

DIRECTIONS from I-64 heading West:

(from Charlottesville or Richmond, towards Crozet or Staunton)

1. Take the Crozet exit, Exit 107,  and turn left onto Rte 250.  Follow directions from step 4 (above).

DIRECTIONS from I-64 heading East (from Staunton and points West):

1. Take the Crozet exit, Exit 107, and turn right.

Follow directions from 3. (above).

NOTE: Many phone-based GPS units will not provide accurate directions to this address.

LOST? Call Anne (434) 422-2665 ) or Jim (434) 422-2666.  We’ll get you here.